Finding a unique name doesn't always mean dropping "pool" or "spa entirely. Sometimes it just takes putting a new spin on it.  Anglo-American Pool And Spa Service in Torrance, Calif, says the firm's name combines American heritage and the British (Anglo) contractor Steve Jones.

"We could have called ourselves something generic like 'Steve's Pool Store,' but what's exciting about that?"  "We racked our brains, trying to think of something unusual. In the end, we picked a name that tells what we do but isn't boring to hear."

The Anglo-American name, complete with British and American flags in Yellow Page ads, caught consumers' and subcontractors' eyes around Torrance and Santa Monica according to Jones - especially anyone British.

"When Steve goes to a job site, he's often asked where he's from."  "It allows Steve to keep ties to his country. And, we've been able to build up a whole network of British subcontractors, which is a great help."